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I do a lot of projects when I get the chance to do so. I also find that every now and then I have something to say that I think others may want to hear. These projects, as well as other things I find interesting and feel I should say something about, are posted somewhat often here on Greyghost. Have a look, and enjoy. If you have comments or questions, feel free to contact me. With my having branched out into other forms of media, there aren't as many updates here as there used to be.

Note that this page is not currently all that well organized or designed. I really ought to fix it.

Control your Room/Window Air Conditioner with an External Thermostat (also works for heaters)
Information and Software for the Sears Craftsman Professional Multimeter Model 82325
Resources for Watts Up Pro and .NET Meter Owners
Rambling about an ancient Jefferson Electric "Junior Bell Ringer" AC transformer. (Posted because I'm hoping someone could tell me more about it!)
How To Modify the Harbor Freight/Cen-Tech 92020 multimeter's backlight to operate constantly! (also applies to backlit DT-830 meters, in case you can find or have one of those)
Software for the Addison Technology "PC Green Energy Saver"!
Sears Craftsman Professional 82357 True RMS Data Logging Multimeter Stuff (another one rescued from the dustbin of history)
Canceling programs on Wal-Mart's cheap "Workchoice WC2021" digital timer...nobody cares, but it can be done. Here's how.
Where to get more ID remotes for your Craftsman 82114 VDV cable tester. Applies to both coaxial and Ethernet. Contains rambling.
Sears Craftsman Professional 82324 Data Logging Multimeter Stuff (software, manual, cable pinout, etc.)
The "Bedpost" RC5-72 Project. (Very old, never finished. But the art has returned, better than before!)
Wasting Time With Junk E-mail (maybe you know what the angle of the scam here is?)
Build your own multiple switching setup for use with a multiple speed furnace fan!
Downloads for Microsoft's ExFAT updater for various versions of Windows, 32-bit XP included (because it's too much to ask for a multi-million dollar company, or any company, really, to support their products in perpetuity...)
Best Power SPS450VA Standby/Uninterruptible Power Supply Exploration and Information (apparently I've got a fixation)
APC Back-UPS / Back-UPS LS BP350U, BP500U and BP700UC Exploration and Design Curiosities (all I can say is that sometimes I get really bored)
AP9612 Measure-UPS II Environmental Management Card and Probe Exploration (technical details, experimental probe pinout, further information wanted)
From The Archives: A Collection of Parodies (advertisements that told the truth, products that didn't exist despite a great need, and so on)
"The Best Toy Ever" (an amusing essay chronicling a decade's worth of fun with a Power Wheels Jeep)
Stupid Things To Do With APC UPS Network Management Cards (focusing on the older AP9605, with a smattering of random stuff for other models)
Hotronic AR-31, PC-TBC  and Remote Panel Control Information (user's manual available, further information appreciated if you have it)
Motorola WA840 Wireless Router and Access Point Information (still very quick and dirty, latest firmware available, more may come in time)
Twinhead Technology TH6887A
Timekeeper Battery Replacement / Rework (created on Novemeber 19th, 2009--never published)
TrueCrypt 7.1a and Related Stuff
EG-3000 EGA Graphics Card Exploration -- a look at a late 1980s EGA card.
nVidia GeForce 4 TV Encoder Adventures and a chronicle of the resultant struggle to make it work properly. Contains ranting, stupid stories from my past and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of useful information.
Dynamic Noise Reduction information page and the DNR System 911 (Pretty much complete, information still very much wanted!)
Dell Dimension 8300 Part 2 (the first one I bought sucked -- would the second be any different?)
Adventures With m0n0wall and an old PC (a quick look at the how and why someone might use an old PC for a firewall appliance, along with some other things)
My Take Apart and Teardown
of the Sherwood RX-4109 stereo receiver. (answers questions about the build quality and what's inside--and it's mostly good news)
How (and why) to Crossflash a Lite-On LTN-24102M drive to an LTN-24102B

Dallas Semiconductor DS1387 and DS1397 External Battery Rework Thoughts
Oh yeah, maybe I should mention the Hoyle Projection Clock Repair page...!
Blue Ridge High School Class Of 2001 Senior Prophecies (quite literally rescued from the brink)
The TV Three Way Review
(a look at several TV on PC products, a tuner card and SnapStream's Beyond TV)
Repairing a Maple Chase or Robertshaw 9600 Thermostat (with pictures)
Micronta 63-753 Alarm Clock Ramblings (what's inside, setting instructions, 24 hour version wanted!)
How To Install Windows 98 on the IBM NetVista 8364 Thin Client (created in 2008, never put it out here until May 09)
A Word About Computer Power Supplies
(don't buy the cheapest you can find!)
Intel Mac mini Review
***...and of course, I set up Boot Camp on it shortly afterward...
William's Radio Collection
Hacking The Technics ST-Z990 Tuner
Mac Mini Review (PowerPC G4 version)
iPod Shuffle Review (updated 02/06)
Instant Outlet Variation! (more shameless ripoffs of people with talent)
"FloppeMachine" Project
What Is dooflop.exe?
Should You Buy A Top Or Front Loading Washer? Our Informal Review
Steinitz Puzzlers/What's This?
(or why you shouldn't click on banner ads!)
2004 Basement Flood - Part 2
Offbeat Scratched CD Repair Tips (conceived in late 2004, finally here in early 2011!)
ALT TEXT Rambling (if the "wrong" way's all you've ever known, is it still wrong?)
An Attempt At Making An Ethernet Splitter From Spare Parts ("why no, I'm not an electrical engineer, what gave it away?")
Don't Get "Phished" - Tips And Thoughts
Undocumented Delco Radio Features
Eldorado Electrodata Director Two Calculator Page (updated in late 2022!)
Websense Talks About Shopping Sites
1984 GMC Sierra Door Swap Adventure!
My New Computer
STREAM.SYS Update - How To Use With Windows 2000
Analog Soundmax Page

How To Do Freelance Computer Work -- Successfully
I Did Some Fictional Writing...
What's Missing From My New Computer?
Listening to the 4.3 V6 -- inside and out
Basement Flood Of May 2004 Pictures Before And After
Windows 2000 Setup Experiences
Compaq LTE 5000 "Thoughts" Page & FAQ
Building A Subnotebook (a truly awful joke, referencing a long ago defunct web site and products not even sold in the US -- don't even ask)
Using The Plus Media Converter Without Windows XP
Bridging The Digital Divide Made Easy
Alternatives To Downloading Music (not quite what you think it is!)
Having Fun @ Radio Shack (without getting kicked out!)
It Ain't Rocket Science! (Fine Art Of Climate Control Rant)
Poor & Lazy Man's Music Player
Real Input Devices For Your Mac (How-To, mostly Snide Remarks)
Big Moth Picture
Packard Bell System Survival
That Which Doesn't Burn (interesting experiences with thermal paper and electric burners)
The Old Computer Lab Day & Night (a look into the past, before the basement flood came along)
Diesel Chevette (Just plain cool! Now you know that I have a very strange definition of "cool".)

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