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Contact Information

Please don't hesitate to send your questions, comments, concerns or any other correspondence via e-mail. You DO NOT need to ask first, nor do you have to worry that you're "bothering" me. I make every effort to reply to every message I receive, so long as I have something useful to offer in response. I am very busy these days and it may take me a while to send a reply.

Reports of broken links or similar issues are welcome, so long as they refer to pages I actually wrote. I will not repair broken links in mirrored materials (the FAQ being but one example). Mirrored materials are presented strictly "as found". They will not be corrected or revised, other than to repair security related problems.

I have no interest, and will not participate in, any sort of link exchange program. Nor will I post links on this server for money or other considerations. Please do not ask. All unsolicited commercial e-mail, or "spam" is reported as abuse, and this includes any link exchanges or similar e-mails. This server and site are operated as a non commercial resource. I do not, never have and never will accept any advertising on any page available here.

Youtube Users: If you  wish to contact me about something on my Youtube channel, please do not send e-mail here! Look at the channel "about" page for more information.

I don't accept phone calls, VoIP, instant messaging or anything similar, including Skype. It's nothing personal. I don't like telephones and services that operate in a similar fashion.

If your anti-virus or security software issues a complaint about this site...every one of these has so far been 100% bogus. I encourage reports of security issues and similar problems, and will certainly respond to them in a timely fashion. All I ask is that you try to make sure there really is an issue first. There is no active or scripted content anywhere on this site. Nor is there any advertising. Everything is static HTML.

As you may have guessed, I get a lot of e-mail. I try to respond to every message I get. So if you don't get a reply, something went wrong or it fell off the edge of my e-mail program. Please write me back if you don't hear from me, or make sure that your junk mail filter didn't eat my return message.

contact wct @ walshcomptech dot com

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.