William's Radio Collection

For many years I thought that I'd like to have at least one tube-type radio. It wasn't all that long ago that I got my wish in the form of three radios that my dad found in a local antique store. He got all three radios on good terms from the store's owner.

In that bunch of radios, there was a Zenith table radio with AM and FM bands, a Montgomery Wards clock radio with an AM band, and a GE Model 226 table radio with an AM band. Out of these radios, only the Zenith played. The GE was dead and the Wards radio would only hum loudly.

As luck and time would have it, more radios have since wandered in from various places. Many of them were saved from an untimely end in a landfill.

I don't profess to be an expert on the subject of old radios, but please feel free to drop in here and have a look around. I'd also welcome your comments, questions, or any further info on anything here.

Note that this series of pages is not anywhere near completely finished! Links could be wrong, typos may be running rampant and text may be incomplete/subject to further revision. More than anything else, I wanted to get this A) started and B) out there for the world to see.

Radios In The Collection:

BF Goodrich Mantola Model 92-53 Table Radio
Delco Table Radio
GE Model 226 Table Radio
Heathkit GR-64 Shortwave Receiver
NEW! Knight Stereo Tuner and Amplifier
Zenith 7C05-based Table Radio
Zenith C845L Table Radio
Zenith Table Radio
Another Zenith Table Radio
Zenith 6-S-52 Console
Sparton 1037 Console
Silverton Console

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