Which One Is The Shopping Site?

The result you see here is what actually happened when the following sites were navigated to from behind a computer using Websense to filter the web. Now--any systems admin considering this software should stop and think about what you see below. A clearly defined web browsing policy and enforcement of said policy is the answer--not WebSense.

Shopping Site

The Shopping Site -- Where, exactly?

What about this is shopping, or even shopping related for that matter? I could guess only that the "/cca/" could be misconstrued by WebTotalLackOfSense as a "credit card application".

A Shopping Site

But we're not shopping! WebSense SAID so!!

...and yet The Apple Store, which is clearly a shopping site, is not restricted at all. I stopped just shy of completing the order for a loaded G5 tower!

Just say NO to WWW censoring software, especially WebTotalLackOfSense.

Reproduction in total allowed and strongly encouraged.