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Addison Technology "PC Green Energy Saver" Software

People with a need to visit this page are probably few and far between. When this thing was rescued from garage sale purgatory many years ago, information about it was extremely thin on the ground. As you'd probably expect, the situation hasn't improved since.

The actual "PC Green Energy Saver" is a hardware device manufactured in the early 1990s and sold by Addison Technology. A number of different companies seem to have had a hand in its development: the software mentions "AnteChron Research" while the actual hardware was manufactured by MetaGEN International, Incorporated. By that time, more and more new computers with built in energy saving functionality were coming to market. I suspicion that few people bought these for an older computer and those that did probably forgot about them early on.

One of these days I might upload a picture. Don't hold your breath. It took me long enough to make the video.

The construction quality is pretty shoddy, yet probably "good enough".

Despite its kicking around for over a decade before I did anything other than looking at what was in the box, the 3.5" software diskette was actually readable! So, if you happen to have one of these and were wondering where to get the software, here it is! (It's also available in Zip format. You may find this handy if you don't have a 720 kilobyte 3.5 diskette or even a proper diskette drive.)

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