Looking @ The Lab - Nighttime

A lot continues to go in "The Lab" at night. Most of the computers here run around the clock (except for the occasional power outage) as they participate in distributed.net projects. I do turn off all the monitors, however. Running things around the clock also helps to keep the room warm on cold winter nights! :-)

While I do have fairly steady hands when taking pictures, I had to use the "night mode" of my camera to take these pictures and have them turn out. This mode makes the camera extremely sensitive to movements, so I had to cheat a little with a camera tripod.

Each picture has descriptive ALT TEXT to help you know what you are looking at.
North Wall


Northeast Wall

South Wall

Southwest Wall

Northwest Wall

I've tried to be sure there is some sense of continuity to these pictures...so you can see what it is like to stand in almost every corner of the room and so you can see "where you are now" as opposed to "where you were then".

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