Listening To The GM 4.3 L V6 Engine

LTERegular visitors to this site know that I have no real life. I prefer to tan my face in the glow of my computer screen as opposed to going outdoors. ;-)

So when a--shall we say--persistent basher of the 4.3L V6 engine appeared on alt.trucks.chevy, I saw fit to actually go outside with my $20 LTE 5000 and record some engine sounds.

I made two recordings. One is with the LTE resting on top of the radiator. The other was made in the cab, and I had to crank the microphone sensitivity way up before you could hear much of anything besides the starter motor and my jingling the keys in the switch. A good set of speakers makes these samples sound much better. These were recorded in the middle of nowhere so they'd be quiet and relatively noise free.

Without further ado, here is the sound from the outside (214KB) and the inside (227KB). Both are encoded in the mp3pro format at 64Kbp/s/44100Hz/Mono.

It's your call, but that sounds pretty darn smooth...a lot smoother than what the Colorado and Canyon sound like!