Communications (Network Cards, Modems, Serial/Parallel Ports, Misc Communications)

Cabletron E3xxx Series Ethernet NICs (rediscovered after being left alone, forgotten and unlinked, minor updates in 2016)

IBM Dual LANStreamer MC32
Madge Smart 16/4 Ringnode MC32 Token Ring
NetWorth Ethernext/MC Ethernet Adapter (not quite finished)
Intel EtherExpress MC Ethernet
D-Link DE-320CT Ethernet
DAVID Systems Ether-T Ethernet
Olicom OC-3129 Token Ring (UTP/STP Version)
DCA IrmaTRAC Token Ring Adapter (ISA/MCA)
Exploring The 8229 LAN Bridge
Thomas-Conrad TC4046 16/4 Token Ring Adapter

Single or Multiple Port Adapters
Kraft Peripherals Serial + Game Port Card
STB Systems Dual Serial Card
STB Systems Serial & Parallel Port Card

Everex 942 Modem

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