NetWorth EtherNext/MC - 611F


Isn't it great when companies totally deny the existence of the very item you happen to have? NetWorth was swallowed up by Compaq. To date I've found no mention of this adapter on the HP or Compaq websites. I can find references to other NetWorth products, but not this one. I'm of the belief that NetWorth's later products came to be the Compaq Netelligent line of products.

Mine is labeled as a “Rev 004 UTPPS2A”...

NetWorth EtherNext/MC

U2 – 20.0000MHz
U3 – National Semiconductor DP83902AV ST-NICTM (datasheet)
U4 – Valor FL1012
U4-2 – Valor LT6003
U5 – Hyundai HY6264ALP-70
U11 – Hyundai HY6264ALP-70

J1 – Ethernet RJ45
P1 – AUI 15 pin
DS1 – Green and red LEDs
DS2, 3 – 3 green and 1 yellow LEDs

W1, 2 – AUI or onboard RJ45 transceiver select (as shown, jumpered for internal RJ45 transceiver)

I'm not entirely certain that my LED mapping above is correct. I am pretty sure that the DS2,3 mapping is correct with COL(lision) being the yellow LED. DS1 has been loosely extrapolated from the DP8390 data sheet. I know that the red LED (reverse polarity on UTP cable) is correct.

With the diagnostic LEDs on this adapter, you could use it to perform some quick checks on network segments.


At one time NetWorth probably provided owners of this card with some drivers for common network operating systems and applications. I can't find them.

As of this writing, I'm running this card under Windows NT Workstation 3.51 Service Pack 5 with a Netware NE2000 driver. This works although the card tends to "choke out" on larger data transfers. The NE2000 driver is also probably not capable of using the DP83902 IC to its fullest extent.

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