IBM Dual LANStreamer MC32 Adapter - @8FAA

Latest Microcode (Rev. D1, makes a self booting diskette See the warning below!)
Instructions (pick online or .BOO format, which requires the IBM Library Reader software...)
Options Disk (with drivers for Windows NT 3.51 (not 4.0!), OS/2, DOS and Netware)
Drivers Disk(s) for NT4/W95 (looking for them)
Streamer Package for PC Server 720
Streamer Log Utility (for viewing messages held in the adapter's NVRAM)

Louis Ohland's Ardent Tools Page for the Dual LS MC32

IBM Dual LANStreamer MC32

U17 – 73G7123 (adapter microcode)
U106 – 73G7123 (adapter microcode)
U42 – AMD 73G1638
U36 – AMD 73G1638
U60 – IBM 63G9811 (MCA bus interface, used on Lanstreamer MC32, Auto LS MC32 and 8229 LAN bridge TR interface card)
U30 – IBM 63G9811 (MCA bus interface, used on Lanstreamer MC32, Auto LS MC32 and 8229 LAN bridge TR interface card)
U51 – IBM 73G2692
U26 – IBM 73G2692
U52 – IBM 50G7028
U37 – IBM 50G7028
U53 – Bel/IBM 60G3157
U14 – Bel/IBM 60G3157

P2 – “Port B” RJ45 Token Ring Connector
P3 - “Port A” RJ45 Token Ring Connector

Y1 – 40.0000 Mhz
Y2 – 49G3198
Y3 – 49G3198

There are a lot of parts on this adapter. It has a fairly high component density.

Unlike the Auto Lanstreamer MC32, Lanstreamer MC32 and the 8229 bridge TR interface card, there are no status LEDs of any sort on this adapter card.

If you use Windows NT 4.0 (workstation or server) with this adapter, you must use Service Pack 3 or higher. Microsoft decided they should count MCA slots differently than IBM did. As a result, IBM Streamer family adapters don't work out of the box on a fresh NT install. You will get "a device attached to the system is not functioning" messages in the system event log and the adapter will not come up.

I don't know if my adapter is halfway broken or not, but thus far only port B on mine works. I am presently investigating this issue to see if it can be resolved.

Microcode Update Warning: The Ardent Tools page about the Dual LANStreamer says: Do not flash the MCA DLS in a 520. Pull the MCA DLS from system and flash in seperate system. Flashing in the 520 CAN PERMANENTLY DAMAGE the microcode on the DLS.

If you do elect to update the microcode on your adapter, it may be a good idea to run your computer on backup power during the flashing process. I would also suggest cycling power to the system before you do the flash to be sure you are "starting fresh".

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