STB Systems Serial & Parallel Adapter


If anyone has the options disk for this adapter, documentation or other relevant files, I'd love to hear about it.

STB Serial & Parallel Adapter

STB Systems apparently still had a fascination with their green dots. What are they for?

X1 - 1.843200 MHz
U1 - Silicon Logic LD805C (parallel port controller?)
U3-U17 - PALs
U15 - Startech Semiconductor ST16C550P UART

P1 - Parallel port
P2 - Apple-style 8 pin serial port (not verified)
W1 - Four pin, two row jumper. Set as shown. I have no idea what it does.


I finally installed this adapter in a 9585-0X0 running Windows NT 3.1. It configured easily as COM2 and LPT2. The parallel port will handle bidirectional communication if you enable it in system programs. I used the parallel port to print to an HP OfficeJet 9130 from NT 3.1 (the OfficeJet was able to emulate an early LaserJet right out the box, so that's how I got NT 3.1 to print to it.).

I have also run a Costar serial label printer from the COM port. The label printer already had a cable on it for an Apple Macintosh serial port, so using it with this adapter did not require any fiddling around.

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