Everex 942 Modem

Card-ID 6612

Does anyone have the option disk for this adapter or any supporting files (beside the ADF)?
This card may also be known as the Evercom 24/2 Modem.

Everex 942 Modem

U1 - Catalyst Semiconductor CAT93C46P Serial CMOS EEPROM
U2 - Siemens 8032
U5 - ROM "Everex EV-942-5-E"
U6 - Empty socket, 55257 silkscreened on board under socket
U9 - Macronix MS16C450 UART
U10 - Rockwell R5311-29
U11 - R5310-38
U? - Rockwell 10464-16 (?)
Y1 - 11.0592 MHz
Y2 - 11.98135 MHz
VR 3, 2, 1 - Look to be surge protectors/MOVs?
T? - 8 pin transformer

JMP1, 2 - No idea. Set as shown.
J1 - Extension Phone (RJ-11 phone jack)
J2 - Wall Plug (RJ-11 phone jack)

The official name for U1 is a "3 Wire/Microwire Serial EEPROM". An equivalent to this part is the Microchip 93AA46P. Who has the datasheet?

The short "16 bit" tab of this card is pretty bare and has only one contact finger on it. I don't know why this would be.

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