Thomas-Conrad TC4046 Token Ring NIC
Card-ID 0051 ADF
User's Manual (PDF, ~3.2MB)
Pocket Guide (PDF, 316KB)

Before (and after!) I was so rudely interrupted by yet another useless Maxtor DiamondCrash hard drive...

Thomas Conrad TC4046


U43-47 - RAM Sockets
U36 - Boot/RIPL ROM
U25 - 4046-25A
U48 - Pads for PGA IC
U42 - MAC Address (00-01-C8-5E-11-D9 for this adapter)
U40 - Texas Instruments TMS380C16PQL
U28 - 4046-28A
U35 - 4046-35A
U24 (left) - 4046-24A
U37 (right) - 4046-37C
U50 - TI TMS38054FNL

X1 - 64.0000MHz
K1 - Pads
T1 - Valor LT6023
T2 - Valor LT6023
T3 - Valor FL1013

JP1 - RAM Density Select (left 4M / right 1M)
P6 - Six pin header, function unknown
JB1 - TR Cable Type Select (left for Type 3 (UTP) / right for Type 1 (STP))

Total Hardware '99 seems to have the numbering on the jumpers reversed. The Type 3, Type 1, 1M and 4M options are correct based on what is printed on my adapter. The cable types represented by Type 1 and Type 3 may be wrong.

What is the purpose of P6 on the board? I can't trace it visually, as the board material is too dark.

LEDP1 Functionality

Per the documentation, the green LED indicates a valid link. The red LED indicates activity on the ring, such as sending or receiving data. My experience (below) differs from this, perhaps the Windows NT 4.0 driver doesn't utilize the LEDs in the same way?

LEDP1 - When the adapter attempts to insert into the ring, the red LED comes on first, followed by the green LED. After the adapter opens (the MAU usually "clicks") the red LED gets slightly brighter and the green LED remains on.

RAM Sockets

The RAM sockets are unique "two in one" sockets that will accomodate multiple types of RAM chips. From the factory, the adapter appears to come with 5 4464 DRAM chips, for a total of 128KB RAM. You can upgrade to 512KB using 5 44256 and 2MB with 5 441000 DIP RAM ICs.

Set JP1 to the 1M setting when using 4464 chips. Use the 4M position for all other types.

Drivers and OS Support

I've got this adapter running under Windows NT 4.0, which ships with a built in driver. It runs well and seems to work very well in a 9585-0X0 with the stock soldered 486SX-33 CPU.

I have no idea what other operating systems have for driver support, as I haven't tried them yet. I also don't have any of the original Thomas-Conrad drivers or supplemental files. If you have anything relating to this adapter (files, diskettes, manuals, etc...), please contact me!

Louis Ohland dug this listing up:

Internet Archive doesn't have them.... I did get the names, though...

Downloadable Support Software for Compaq Thomas-Conrad TC4046 16/4 Mb
Microchannel Token Ring NIC

Select a SoftPaq:   

  Shipping Diskette
DOWNLOAD: tokdsk.exe 664 K
DESCRIPTION: Shipping Diskette.

  Microchannel Configuration Files
DOWNLOAD: tokadf.exe 17 K
DESCRIPTION: Microchannel Configuration Files.

  Eaglemac.Bin Adapter Microcode
DOWNLOAD: tokegl.exe 32 K
DESCRIPTION: Eaglemac.Bin Adapter Microcode.

  LLC Drivers for IBM Lan/PC Support/Client Acess
DOWNLOAD: tokllc.exe 65 K
DESCRIPTION: LLC Drivers for IBM Lan/PC Support/Client Acess.

  Old style LLC Drivers for IBM Lan/PC Support
DOWNLOAD: bothllcs.exe 99K
DESCRIPTION: Old style LLC Drivers for IBM Lan/PC Support.

  DOS/OS2 Drivers for IBM Lan Server
DOWNLOAD: tokls2.exe 69 K
DESCRIPTION: DOS/OS2 Drivers for IBM Lan Server.

  NetWare IPX Workstation Shell Files
DOWNLOAD: tokipx.exe 42 K
DESCRIPTION: NetWare IPX Workstation Shell Files.

  NetWare DOS ODI Workstation Shell Files
DOWNLOAD: tokodi.exe 113 K
DESCRIPTION: NetWare DOS ODI Workstation Shell Files.

  NetWare OS/2 ODI Workstation Requester Files
DOWNLOAD: tokreq.exe 52 K
DESCRIPTION: NetWare OS/2 ODI Workstation Requester Files.

  NetWare Lite Client Files
DOWNLOAD: toknwl.exe 45 K
DESCRIPTION: NetWare Lite Client Files.

  NetWare 2.12 Server Drivers
DOWNLOAD: tokn12.exe 47 K
DESCRIPTION: NetWare 2.12 Server Drivers.

  NetWare 2.15-2.20 Server Drivers
DOWNLOAD: tokn22.exe 108 K
DESCRIPTION: NetWare 2.15-2.20 Server Drivers.

  NetWare 3.10 Server Drivers
DOWNLOAD: tokn30.exe 42 K
DESCRIPTION: NetWare 3.10 Server Drivers.

  NetWare 3.11 Server Drivers
DOWNLOAD: tokn31.exe 75 K
DESCRIPTION: NetWare 3.11 Server Drivers.

  NetWare 3.12-4.x Server Drivers
DOWNLOAD: tokn4x.exe 144 K
DESCRIPTION: NetWare 3.12-4.x Server Drivers.

  Microsoft Lan Manager Drivers
DOWNLOAD: toklm2.exe 35 K
DESCRIPTION: Microsoft Lan Manager Drivers.

  Microsoft Windows for Workgroups Drivers
DOWNLOAD: tokwin.exe 134 K
DESCRIPTION: Microsoft Windows Drivers.

  Microsoft Windows 95 Drivers, Microsoft Windows NT 3.5x - 4.0 Drivers
DOWNLOAD: cpq45nd3.exe 99 K
DESCRIPTION: Microsoft Windows 95 Drivers, Microsoft Windows NT 3.5x -
4.0 Drivers Server/Workstation.

  Ringtools 286 - Diagnostic for 286 machines
DOWNLOAD: rtool286.exe 151 K
DESCRIPTION: Ringtools 286 - Diagnostic for 286 machines.

  Ringtools 1 - Long adapters only
DOWNLOAD: rtool1.exe 183 K
DESCRIPTION: Ringtools 1 - Long adapters only.

Can anyone lay their hands on these files?

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