STB Dual Serial Card - EEFF.ADF


This card seems to be a clone of the IBM Dual Async card and can seemingly use the same ADF. It shares the same card-ID as the IBM adapter. I have no idea where the STB ADF would be.
FCC ID: EKS56APS2DUALSER - Granted 08/31/1988

I have nearly no information on this adapter! If you know something about it, or have any documentation please drop me a line!

STB Dual Async Card

U10 - Signetics (labeled 'U10DS')
U16 - Startech Semiconductor ST16C550CP
U17 - Startech Semiconductor ST16C550CP
U19 - Signetics (labeled 'U19DS')
U20 - Signetics (labeled 'U20DS')
U26 - Signetics (labeled 'U26DS')
U27 - Signetics (labeled 'U27DS')

X1 - 1.843200 MHz

W1 - Unknown Jumper, set as shown
W2 - Unknown Jumper, set as shown

What are all the green dots for? There are more of them on the back of this card in a similar arrangement. Test points?

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