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"Web Of Trust" Information & Commentary

I've long been aware of a free-to-use online service known as Web Of Trust (or WOT Services). Some of my clients use it in their web browsers. WOT is yet another tool that purports to offer an opinion on the safety of web sites as you visit them. It's a reasonable enough goal, if it actually worked. The very existence of this page should suggest that it doesn't.

If you use the WOT add on with your web browser, you've probably noticed it doesn't paint a very rosy picture of this server. In fact, it'll probably try to stop you from visiting this site, claiming that it is somehow malicious or inappropriate.

Web Of Trust Site Rating (note: image is not active)

I've been meaning for a while to take a moment and mention that this is utterly false. There is not, nor has there ever been, anything of a malicious or inappropriate nature on this site. WOT seemingly chooses to paint sites by default with a wide brush, and that's the problem. Someone else may have registered a subdomain on that was used for inappropriate or malicious content. In no way should that tarnish my good name and reputation!

This site does cater mainly to an adult (or at least teenage and up) audience because it contains a large volume of technical material about electronics and computers that young children would likely not understand or have any interest in. Some pages, especially those in the "rants" section, do contain moderate adult language. You will not find nudity, pornography, illegal, malicious, shocking or distasteful content on this server (and if by some chance you do, I want to know.)

I deliberately choose not to run advertising on this site, and there is no use of anything more sophisicated than simple static HTML pages. No page on this site that I have authored contains any active content or Javascript. In a way, it's a refreshing break from what the World Wide Web has become. As you may imagine, this serves to greatly reduce the potential for an attack on your computer.

You will not find any malware on this site. If your security software says otherwise, you need better security software, as this probably isn't the only severely misguided shortcut its designers have taken.

As of this writing in July 2014, the WOT summary page for this site shows one positive commentary from a user, and another negative commentary from someone who needs to learn a lot more about how the Internet works before coloring things with their ill considered, incorrect opinion. I have never a day in my life spammed anyone. You will only get e-mail from me if you send me a message that warrants a reply.

Ultimately, it is your computer and you may run on it the software you wish. My sincere suggestion is to not use the Web Of Trust extension in your browser, unless and until its functionality and accuracy improve considerably.

Thank you for your time.

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