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About William

William standing by a freezer you can't really see...There have been several pages here with detailed information about myself. They all seem to grow out of date pretty quickly. I no longer make any promises of updates to this page whether timely or not. The last time any real attention was paid to this page was in 2004, and that's about the time the picture you see was taken. You can also look at me when I was somewhere around 18 or 19...

I've lived in Illinois my whole life. At the rate I'm going, that may never change.

My biggest interests are computers, cars, electronics new and old, building things, amateur video production, food preparation, and of course, music. Most of my skillset for computers and electronic work is a result of self-teaching. I never did all that well in school but I knew I had to get through it and did. I've attended some community college on the side, yet I really don't have any plans to get a degree in any particular field.

My real job was working in the financial services sector (yes, I hate myself when I talk like that) doing information technology related stuff. The company I worked for is no more and I was cast out along the way. I don't recommend you do the same, IT in the financial business is hilariously over-regulated these days. I very infrequently do some freelance consulting. If I could support myself by doing freelance work, there is no question that I would. People are much more appreciative of what I do, and I can say "no" to any job I don't want.

I've never had a relationship (or even a "date") with anyone and I feel the world is generally "oversexed". I consider myself to be fairly unique in that regard, though people have certainly wondered about that. Most people don't believe me when I say I'm not really interested, so I'm used to it and you shouldn't feel bad if you don't. At rare times I'm not even totally sure about those things, so perhaps that makes me more of a "questioning" person? It doesn't matter, and I'll be quite frank when I say that if you think less of or mistreat someone because of their sexual orientation, you are grossly wrong to do so.

Oh, yeah. That reminds me. I have lots of obnoxious opinions. I'll try to spare you from exposure to the most obnoxious and disagreeable ones.

My given name is one that runs in the family. That's all I know. Though you might think otherwise, I'm a quiet person with few friends in real life and I like to be by myself, doing my own thing.

Enjoy your visit to my site and feel free to write me an e-mail. I like to hear from people and try to reply to everything I'm sent. (If you didn't get a reply, please check your spam or junk mail folder.)

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