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About Me

There have been several pages here with detailed information about myself. They all seem to grow out of date pretty quickly. In light of that, and because I'm lazy, I've decided to dramatically simplify things. I'm a pretty average (read: boring) white male person in his latter 30s. I enjoy tinkering with computers and electronics, something that ought to become pretty obvious as you tour the site.

In the world of making a living, I've done many different things: computers and IT stuff in a variety of environments and even some heating and air conditioning work. When it comes to stuff I do for fun, there's the computers (naturally), electronics, electrical stuff, cooking, video production, low power radio and broadcasting stuff, and many, many more things beside.

Enjoy your visit to my site and feel free to write me an e-mail. I like to hear from people and try to reply to everything I'm sent. (If you didn't see a reply, please check your spam or junk mail folder. You'd be surprised how often that is a problem.)

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