Caere Typist Interface

Card-ID 61B4 ADF

Who has the options disk or any supporting software? Tell me if you have these items! Caere is long gone. They were bought out by ScanSoft (who has been through a few different hands). ScanSoft is now a part of a company known as Nuance. I could find nothing at all on the Nuance site regarding the Typist adapter.

Caere Typist Interface

U1 - 20L8 PAL
U2 - Chips & Technologies P82C611 MCA bus interface
U14 - 16R4 PAL
U17 - AMD 7202-65PC High Density FIFO 1024x9-Bit CMOS Memory
(could be incorrect -- I can only find info on the AM7202-A, which is very similar to this part in terms of package type, number of pins and casing size...)
U23 - 16L8 PAL

CN1 - Nine-pin round connector (looks like an Apple LocalTalk connector)

I'd guess that this adapter plugged into some kind of handheld scanner. From the looks of things the majority of "intelligence" is either scanner or software based. There's not much to this adapter except the Chips P82C611 and AM7202. Judging by the adapter name, this was most likely used with an OCR package.

From what I've read so far, the scanner is a 300DPI hand scanner.
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