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Copyrights, Terms and Conditions, and Other Information

I'll try and keep this short, sweet and to the point (at least as much as I can).

Articles on this web server are copyrighted by myself (William R. Walsh) or their respective authors. Where possible, this has been noted. This includes all web pages, images, supporting files and other resources hosted by this server. Copyright, at least before the movie and music industries did their level best to pervert its meaning, means that ownership remains with the authors of these files. The authors (myself and others) control the distribution rights of these files as well. In most cases you have permission to make unaltered copies of my web pages publicly available or to keep in your private archives. You don't need to ask first.

Using the partial contents of pages (or their supporting materials, including images) on this server requires that you ask permission first

If you're not sure, please ask.

I ask that you respect my wishes if I say "no" to your proposed use of materials, even if you're doing something that is otherwise permitted under copyright law, such as making a parody. (In the US, permission from a copyright holder is not required to produce a parody of their work. Certain other exceptions also exist under the umbrella of fair use, but you should consult qualified legal counsel to make sure your plans and projects fit under that portion of copyright law. I'm not a lawyer and cannot answer your questions in that regard.) I am NOT a sue-happy jerk. I'm a pretty average person who would appreciate your cooperation with these terms.

If you have a use that's not outlined or specifically permitted here, please contact me. Again, I'm pretty easygoing and we can probably work something out that is to both of our advantages. I'm not (usually) looking for money (at least not any more so than most other people are), mainly attribution and credit for my work.

Unless a specific page specifically indicates otherwise, or you are copying something authored by someone other than myself, you are permitted to make copies of any material on this server, under the same terms by which they were provided to you. In particular, that means you must offer the same level of access as this server does to the materials that you copied should you choose to make them public. You may not charge any sort of fee or exchange items of any value for access to this material, beyond what is necessary to cover the costs of reasonable duplicating or connection time/computing resource expenses you incur. You may not display advertising of any kind alongside material obtained from this site or server.

If I find that you are doing anything prohibited by the statements above, I will attempt to contact you first to resolve the matter. If that should fail, I will issue a takedown request to you or your service provider.

Here are some examples of what is or is not permissable:

1. Mirroring a selection of web pages from this server on your own system for public access without advertisements or fees is permissable.
2. Mirroring a selection of web pages from this server on your own system for public access with advertisements of any sort is not allowed.
3. Referencing a page or material available from this server (by way of a link or a copy) on a web page or other medium of your own authorship where you run advertising is permissable, as long as the advertisements do not appear on the material originally offered on this server. An example of this might be a Youtube video that you create and monetize that contains a mention (but not a copy) of this web site or resources available on it.
4. If you incur an expense directly related to connection time/data transfer expense or duplicating materials (such as ink, paper and toner) in the course of providing materials copied from this server or copied and adapted into your own work, you may charge a reasonable fee to recover only the cost of connection time or materials used to produce physical copies.

For other situations, you are urged to consult with qualified legal counsel or ask me first.

Other Stuff

The IBM PCCBBS files are licensed to you by IBM for unlimited distribution to any rightful owner of an IBM product who may require some or all of those files, so long as such distribution is at no charge of any sort. You may distribute anything from the IBM PCCBBS as long as you do not charge a fee or exchange items of value for doing so.

The Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ mirror is Copyright 1995-2018 by Sam Goldwasser, et al. Please see its pages for terms and conditions on reproduction and duplication.

Authors of other materials stored on this server retain their rights to such materials. You must ask them for permission to reuse, copy or distribute their materials.

Opinions and viewpoints stated on any page I have authored are mine. They do not reflect the opinions or viewpoints of anyone else. Pages authored by others contain their own viewpoints and opinions that may or may not agree with mine.


The author and maintainer of this server (William R. Walsh) acknowledges the use of trademarks owned by other companies in various locations on this server. Unless specifically otherwise noted, I am not affiliated with this companies whose trademarks are used and claim no right to their trademarks. Trademarks are the property of their owners and are used only to identify products and services of specific companies. I do not endorse the products or services of any company unless specifically noted. Companies whose trademarks appear on this site do not endorse its contents unless specifically noted.


This server is located in the United States of America. Specific laws may apply to your use of and interaction with this system. These laws may vary depending upon where you are located.


This site does not run or accept advertising material of any kind. It is operated strictly as a community service, in the public interest at my own expense. Donations are not accepted.


I value my privacy quite highly and figure you do as well. This server does NOT make use of any cookies, so-called web beacons, tracking services, advertising services or any form of active content (including Javascript). No attempt is made to uniquely identify any visitor to this site through canvas fingerprinting or similar techniques. No information about your computer is collected (though your web browser may well be supplying it, it is simply discarded by the server software) by this server.

Your communications with this server are presently in plain text and seem likely to remain so for the forseeable future. It's possible that your Internet service provider, employer, system administrator, school or whoever is responsible for providing your connectivity or computer access could monitor your visits to this server. Please follow the policies set forth by your network administrators. (The computer you save could be your own, and these people generally have enough to do already!)

Just like many others on the web, this server does collect a standard set of logs indicating which pages were accessed and what, if any, errors may have taken place. I view these logs personally from time to time for various reasons. These logs are never made available to other people. Amongst other things, your public IP address and user agent information are collected in these logs.

It is possible that a court of law could require me to produce logs and other data about your visit to this server.


Mirrored web sites are presented exactly as found. I don't modify them in any way (other than the bare minimum, if required, to make them functional) and that includes fixing bad links.

I am not in the business of providing hosting services for content other than my own, whether free or paid.

Terms of Service

Please do not mirror anything from this system without first making your intentions known. This server's connectivity resources are heavily limited and there may be a much faster way to deliver a copy of the information you need. Please contact me with any questions. Likewise, do not link to this server from any site where visitors are likely to overwhelm this system and its bandwidth.

The owner of this site provides its services on an as-is, "best effort" basis. No guarantee is made that any information or data presented on this site is suitable or safe for any purpose. You use this site exclusively at your own risk, and agree to accept all responsibility for any results, good or bad. Information presented here is offered in good faith, but without warranty of any kind. To the maximum extent possible under law, this site and its owner disclaim any and all liability or warranty of fitness for a particular purpose as concerns any resource offered for use on this site. If you do find an error, corrections are appreciated.

This site may discuss unofficial modifications or disassembly of electronic devices. The manufacturers of such devices do not endorse or approve of these procedures. Disassembling and modifiying electronics can be dangerous and is NOT RECOMMENDED unless you understand exactly what you are doing and are willing to bear all responsibility for the results, good or bad. Modifying or disassembling electronics or other devices will void any warranty or insurance coverage you have on a given device. Think very carefully in the event you choose to proceed.

Please do not abuse this server. Responsible disclosure of security issues is encouraged and will be acted upon promptly. If there's a problem, I want to know it. Do not disrupt the operation of this server to prove a point or for any other reason. Vandalism, malicious behavior and other irresponsible forms of behavior will also be taken very seriously--and information will be supplied to law enforcement agencies.

If you plan to utilize materials from this server, please take a copy and host it yourself instead of "hotlinking". Failure to heed this warning may result in something surprising replacing the image or other resource that you are embedding in your own work.

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