1984 GMC Sierra Door Trouble!

Guess what! This is another long forgotten web page here on the 'ghost. It hasn't seen any updates in more than a decade (other than the very minor ones I'm giving it now). You're welcome to peruse the information present here, and this page will certainly remain online as long as the decision is mine. Just don't expect any meaningful updates.

In 2001, the window fell out of my 1984 GMC Sierra's driver's side door after I shut the door. Naturally, the window glass then hit the pavement and broke. This was the second window to be installed in the door and for the same reason. I finally located and bought a door having a good window for $25. Much to my dismay, the new door had been damaged and it didn't fit right as a result. I'm guessing someone backed into something while it was open.

With my knowing as much about automotive body work as I do fashion sense, getting the "new" door into place was quite a production. It involved a wood bench, several scrap pieces of wood, a hydraulic jack, basic hand tools and numerous carefully selected four letter words.

Here are various pictures that I took in late September of 2004...

1. Installed
2. Installed - Door Open
3. Installed -- Where the door is eating at other body parts...
4. The old door, removed...

Now the only question that remains is what does one do with an unwanted door? (Okay, not really. I don't know what I'll do with it, but I think I shall keep it for a while should the replacement break in a creative way.)
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