1984 GMC Sierra Door Trouble!

In 2001 the driver's side door on my 1984 GMC Sierra pickup truck sent its window to window heaven. In other words, the window mechanism broke and with it went the second window to be installed in the door.

About a week ago I bought a door (and window!) for $25. The new door has suffered some over the years, but it does contain a mostly working window winder and a good piece of glass. However, upon installing it on the truck, I discovered that the new door doesn't fit quite right. It hangs a little low and wants to chew up the lower part of the fender each time it is opened or closed. It also won't latch right at this time.

A local body man has offered to either A) swap the pane of glass in the new door to my existing door or B) install and align the new door on the truck. I'm not sure what to do...so I'm collecting opinions! (If you've got one, mail image.) My existing door is in better shape and has a mirror, but it is also known to eat windows every now and then, plus the window winder no longer travels properly inside the door. The other door has a window and a working winder (for the moment) but it isn't pretty, doesn't line up right (for now) and has no mirror on it. Decisions, decisions...

Here are various pictures that I took today (09/22/2004).

1. Installed
2. Installed - Door Open
3. Installed -- Where the door is eating at other body parts...
4. The old door, removed...

Now the only question that remains is what does one do with an unwanted door? (Okay, not really. I don't know what I'll do with it, but I think I shall keep it for a while should the replacement break in a creative way. My existing door has a much better door latch on it that works with a lot less slop.)
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