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1984 GMC Sierra Pickup Truck Placeholder Page

I've yet to reconstruct the page that was here discussing this truck in great detail. With its having been a number of years since this page was lost to a disk failure, I wouldn't hold your breath for its reappearance.

Still, you can look at some pictures I took when I was trying to install a replacement driver's side door on the truck back in 2004. That didn't go especially well, but at least I got a good window glass out of the deal and didn't have to cover the window opening with a trash bag any longer.

This truck had been in the family for years before I came to have it. It's still here today (or at least it was when I wrote this in mid-2017) though its continued existence is in peril. There's not much I can do to save it, since it's not titled in my name and never has been. Nor do I have the money or expertise to give it the restoration that it needs and deserves.

If it does go away to the scrap yard, I have my doubts that I'll ever find another one. The diesel engine option was enormously expensive then as it is now, and of the few that probably survive today, there can't have been too many that were as well equipped as this one (gauge package, air conditioning, four speed automatic transmission with overdrive, dual fuel tanks, and an AM radio).

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