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Global Brands "Sweet Obsession" Chocolate Bar Review

The lack of any more food item reviews on this web site has been gnawing at me. I think it's time to change that. (Thank you, I'm here all day.)

It's a rare grocery store that doesn't have an aisle focusing on cheap food items. You can't hope for the appearance of name brands, or that the finished product won't turn out to look or taste rather, ah, interesting. Even though the local grocery emporium out here in the stix doesn't give anything away, they've still got a goodly sized shelf full of the finest items one US dollar can buy. Many of these items come from the same parent company, a Global Brands that operates out of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Almost everything Global Brands sells happens to come from somewhere within India. Though Indian cuisine is quite well known, the country itself is not well known as an exporter of food products--especially food products that don't fit in to the category of Indian cuisine. I've tried a few of these products, and they're not at all bad.

Global Brands also sells a variety of chocolate bars under the "Sweet Obsession" name. These are billed as being "fine European chocolate" and the European part, at least, is true. The chocolate bars are made in Poland. This review aims to answer the question of just how "fine" these chocolate bars actually are. The package sets our expectations pretty high by billing this as "simply the finest chocolate on Earth!"

Now, although I've got a sweet tooth and the desire to eat every manner of food except that with nutritional value, I'm not a chocolate connoisseur. (I'm more at the "sewer" end of the spectrum as opposed to whatever a "connois" is.) I almost have to demand a pay raise just to be able to say the word! Lots of people who are seriously into chocolate like to pair it with alcohol, as one reviewer of the Sweet Obsession product did here. (The author of that review claims not to be a serious chocolate connosieur. I disagree. Anyone who enjoys fancy alcohol with anything is bordering on being a "connoisseur".) A chocolate bar that costs a dollar is just fine with me. The question is, will it be fine with you?

I think that's a bit hard to answer. Everyone perceives taste differently, as other reviews of these chocolate bars will point out. I've tried the milk chocolate with rice crisps, the dark chocolate and the milk chocolate. There's a nut-filled variety that I haven't tried, as well as a large package of smaller individually wrapped bars. Out of all these, the milk chocolate with rice crisps is probably my favorite. All of the three I've tried are very good, and I've noticed no meaningful difference as compared to slightly higher priced chocolate (such as that of Hershey's). If anything, I think the texture is a bit better than that of Hershey's chocolate. Perhaps more importantly, I've noticed no changes to the consistency of the Sweet Obsessions chocolate product over time. Unlike my other bad habits, I do moderate myself with chocolate intake and only buy one every few weeks or months, depending upon my mood and desires.

Ultimately, I think the Sweet Obsessions chocolate bar product is a very good one. And even if you don't happen to like it (which, again, I'd stress is rather unlikely)...well, you're out a dollar. I've paid more in the past and gotten less. You probably have as well. Thus, this product gets a "highly recommended" vote from me.

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