Phone Rant

(Ta-Daa!) Ladies and Gentlemen, I have come to the conclusion that I absolutely hate telephones.

Wired. Cellular. Cordless. Whatever.

It wasn't always this way. There was a time when I enjoyed (or at least could tolerate) talking to someone on the phone. I'm not really sure what led up to my incredible dislike of the phone. I think that it was a culmination of factors.

When I get out on my own and live in my own dwelling, I am very seriously considering NOT having a telephone of any kind. I realize that it could be handy, or downright essential in the event of an emergency, but I think the annoyance of a phone outweights any benefit it has. If for some reason I would have a phone, it will be set up in a number of ways. Should it be a landline phone, I will have an unlisted number and will not answer it unless I am good and feeling like it. If it's a cell phone, it will only be turned on when I want to hear from it.

I realize that a lot of this might sound awfully hard nosed, or downright rude, but take a moment and think about it. Telephones are pretty darned intrusive things.

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