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Wesley's (weasel2htm)'s Review of the Monoprice 6.5" Car Stereo Speakers

Well, I picked up these 6.5 Speakers from, for the following reasons:
A:\>My work van's stock Delco speakers in the dash have been shot for as long as I have been driving it.
A:\1>As I don't own the van, I didn't want to sink any more $$$ than I had to into replacing said speakers, but I needed my sanity back too!
B:\>I was dead curious how good (or bad) a pair of $13 speakers would sound, $13, you can't even buy the bargan basement speakers at Wal-mart for that cheap!

Here is the box they come in:

As of the writing of this review, I have already installed them (I had to listen to them) but I didn't think to get any good pics of the speakers themselves before installation.

A:\>They claim 100W Max power (I don't know if that is per speaker or both speakers together), the 2000 Series Delco radio I have driving mine won't even remotly push that aspect of them, so I'll take their word for it and guess ~25 Watts RMS Per Speaker
B:\>They feature a 4-way design; Woofer, 1 Mylar Tweeter, 2- Piezo Tweeters, but we know thanks to youtube user vwestlife that Piezo Tweeters don't do much, it should be noted that both Piezo tweeters are crossed over and hooked up.

The box includes:
A:\> Styrofoam packing
B:\> Two Speakers
C:\> Two Simple, but nice grills
D:\> Two ~8 foot lengths of 24ga speaker wire, preterminated on one end with the appropiate connectors.

The included speaker wire is one minor gripe of mine, very cheap, I cut about an 8" length off each one and installed crimp connectors to facilitate splicing into the factory speaker wires, The insulation on the wire tends to stretch, where the wire inside breaks super easy. However, for a $13 pair of speakers, I don't think I can complain!

Here is a little GM install tip I picked up several years ago, to determine the polarity, look at the speaker connector, you will see a "A" and a "B" the B = + and the A = -

Well, I managed throughout the morning to get the $13 Monoprice speakers installed, why did I pick a cold Friday the 13th to install $13 speakers ?! The mids and highs are actually about the same as the stock Delco speakers I took out. Though as I listened off and on throught the day, They seemed to sound better and better, maybe even cheap speakers benefit from break in. Also as I have listened more, I have noticed more high frequency extension. The main improvement is bass, the stock Delcos were shot in that regard and buzzed (along with other bad nosies) rather badly, even with the bass tone control turned all the way down. The new speakers do not buzz and almost shake the dash! The van has no stock rear speakers, I have zip-tied up some Labtec computer speakers in the rear and have them directly wired to the Delco radio, before the speaker replacement, this let me turn the fader control to the rear when the dash speakers were buzzing extra bad, now, with the new speakers installed and the fader in the middle, they provide some nice rear fill, making for a more full sound.

The bottom line:
For someone who needs something cheap that makes music, or to replace shot factory speakers, they are good, especially for the money.
For someone who wants an upgrade in sound quality, look elsewhere.

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