NCR 3434 "Mystery Adapter"

No idea of the ADF or much of anything else. I believe it to be a SCSI adapter of some kind. The NCR 3434 is seemingly the system unit that this adapter can go with. It won't fit in my NCR 3350.

Sorry for the size of the outline, but this is a good deal longer than your average MCA card.
NCR Mystery Adapter
U9 - Unknown, labeled as '10997 7129'
U15 - NCR 006-2001600
U16 - NCR "SIOP" 53C700
CR1 - Possible Activity LED?

Small grey squares are unpopulated solder pads. Not shown are three spaces for what would appear to be termination resistor packages ("termpacks") in positions RP1, RP2, and RP3. RP3 is much larger than the other two locations.

Jerry Hogervorst said:

That adapter's no mystery, fits in a 3434, got a couple myself, have to get
one of those units on the 'net someday.

Does anyone have anything else to say about this card and what it does?
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