Logitech ScanMan MCA Adapter (256 Greyscale?)


...believe it or not, I have the hand scanner that goes with this card! Perhaps I should try to use it sometime.

Logitech ScanMan MCA Adapter

U1 - Cypress CY7C186-45PC
U2 - 15.000000MHz
U8 - G P S QGA20010BW (what is this?)
U9 - Whoppin' huge Logitech 36066-00 DIP
U11 - Chips P82C612
LN1, LN2 - Unknown (what are these?)
LN3-8 - Solder Pads

JMP1 - Unknown, closed on my adapter

I believe this is a 256 greyscale scanner. It looks like this is supported under Windows 3.1x and Windows 95. It may also work in DOS. I'll have to hook it up and see after I find the software.

Software (?)

Jelte W. Roelfsema said:

Well, it's free. Had a look around Driverguide and turned up
Scan_Man_256.zip (4.7 MB)

I put it on ftp://ps2supersite.homedns.org/incoming/jelte.roelfsema/ in
stead of mailing it.

(Ed. If it's not there, or the "warez kiddies" have run all over everything, try here. Note: This software comes directly as I found it. It HAS NOT been tested by me, and I cannot vouch for its integrity or relevance. It may crash your system, fry your hardware, say bad things about your mother, annoy your dog, screw up the tracking on your VCR or paint everything a rather interesting shade of mauve* before or if it lets you scan at all. You have been warned! I will make some effort to test this, but since I'm rather busy doing the kinds of things a new homeowner does.)

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