General Technics Sound Card for MCA

At first I didn't realize it, but this may be a relabeled ChipChat sound card...dunno for sure. Looks confusing to me, but that's what I get for asking and investigating.

General Technics is still around. They sell industrial and rackmount computers of assorted types. At one time they also sold some different PS/2 and MCA upgrade parts. Don't go to their site expecting much in the way of information on these things.

Card-ID is 5150 -- Same as the ChipChat version...but this card actually looks more like 5130 -- the Piper Research would be the same card except for the sticker that's on the one Altera IC. Yet if we look at Louis Ohland's SoundPiper page, neither of those adapters match mine and the one pictured above. So what the heck is going on here?

ChipChat's picture agrees with mine almost 100%, BTW.

Anyway, here's my outline:

GT Sound Card Outline

I couldn't find any component ID markings on anything except the two Altera ICs. Why can't people use the standard Uxx IDs for ICs...or at least something???

AudioDrive - ESS1688
9544 - Altera IC
9555 - Altera IC (sorry, didn't think to get component IDs off these)
2x LS245 ICs

Wave Header - For optional Wavetable synthesis daughtercard...
Pads - Unknown function -- Louis Ohland says "unpopulated CD input"...but knowing the ESS1688, I'd say this is for the AUX2 input...
CD Audio Connectors - four on the card. Each one is wired differently and has a different connector shape.
Ultimedia Header - Not sure...but it looks the part...
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