Eizo GC-40 / NEC MultiSync Graphics Engine

@0F5F.ADF (Eizo version, rename to @0F5F.ADF)
@0F5F.ADF (NEC version, rename to @0F5F.ADF)

Eizo technical support was no help with anything concerning this adapter. NEC, however, still has all the files you could want or need...

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Assorted Files

Eizo GC-40 / NEC MGE

This was quite an expensive adapter when new. The base 512K MCA configuration would have set you back a cool $999!

Y101 - Saronix 36.0000MHz XTAL (for 640x480)
Y102 - Saronix 50.0000MHz XTAL (for 800x600)
Y103 - Saronix 64.0000MHz XTAL (for 1024x768)
U103-118 (four ICs) - NEC 424256-10
U121 - REF-02
U122 - BUF-02
U123 - CAS-02
U124 - DEC-02
U133 - BLNK-02
U134 - BUSARB-02
U141 - STATE-12
U? - SLAV-02
U142 - Texas Instruments TMS34010FNL-50 Graphics Processor
U147 - Chips P82C611 MCA Bus Interface
U150 - Brooktree BT471 RAMDAC

JP1 - Female connector for memory daughtercard
JP2 - Male connector for memory daughtercard
JP3 - Unknown, open on my adapter. (NEC says to remove this jumper if the monitor displays with a green hue)
P1 - Video Output (VGA connector)

Between JP1 and 2 lies the adapter's main video memory section. The chips here are soldered NEC D41264C-12. I believe they represent the base 512K of VRAM.

What is the purpose of the resistor networks above U121-U124? Why are they socketed?

Note that the resistors are socketed with one hole left empty on the board mounted socket. If you need to replace them, be sure the leftmost position of the socket (with P1 facing RIGHT) is not populated.

This adapter does not provide its own base video. You'll need another card or onboard video for that.

Windows 95 Support

From the NEC Win95 FAQ:

Q: I plan to install Windows 95 on my PC. Will I be able to get new drivers for my NEC MGE-AT Graphics Card?

A: Since this line of video cards have been out of production for a number of years, NEC does not plan to develop Win 95 drivers for the MGE-AT video cards.

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