I've done computer work for over twenty years now, so I've gotten quite good at a number of things, not the least of which is a certain knack for figuring out where people live when they don't give complete or concise directions. Yet even after all of this time, I still have a few visits where I end up raising my blood pressure, flying down various and sundry roads, exercising the coarser parts of the English language and wondering just why in the hell <whoever> couldn't just give me the exact directions the first time.

I'm writing this after just having had one of these experiences, so this may be really abrasive and not as smart as I think it is. At the very least it made me feel better. I am tired of wasting gas, wasting your and my time, and feeling like a dummy when all is said and done.

Just for the record, I suffer from this as well. I think a lot of people do--after all, we all (hopefully) get home each day and after a while it's just routine. You don't think about it--you just do it. I would like to suggest that if this is a problem for you that maybe a printed "script" by the telephone explaining exactly how to get to your house would be a good idea. If that's something you don't think you can do yourself, ask a friend to help you out.

Since this was written, I've come to the conclusion that I should probably really charge people for the extra gasoline I use while trying to figure out where it is they live OR that I should put them on the clock the moment I leave. I've also thought about sharpening the language used here up a bit, but there's no sense in going overboard.

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