Video Signal
      Accept non-segmented Heterodyne and monochrome 525 line/60 Hz video signals or Y/C 3.58 Input
      Recorder Interface
      Any non-segmented VTR.
      Correction range
      1 Frame memory
      Signal to Noise Ratio
      58 dB (p-p signal to rms noise)
      Residual Time Base Error
      Differential phase better than 2°
      Differential gain better than 2%
      MONOCHROME ± 10 ns
      Y/C (S-VHS) / Composite
      6 MHz (-3dB)
      Gen Lock Range
      Adjustable, more than ± 2 ms
      K Factor (2T)
      Y/C mode 1%
       Composite Mode 1%
      4 1/2˛ x 13 1/4˛  
      Approx. 10W
      10 ounces
      Ambient Temperature
      10° - 40° C operating
Input Signals
1V composite video signal (75 Ohms, terminated) or Y/C 3.58
Gen Lock
Black burst or standard NTSC composite video signal
Output Signals
1V p-p @ 75 ohms, terminated composite or Y/C 3.58
Remote Control (Optional)
Full Pro-amp control with no interruption Presets
Freeze Frame or Field
8 Speeds Strobe
Composite or Y/C Select
H Phase, SC Phase adjustment
Significant Advantage
With 14 years experience of TBC design, Hotronic adapts the advanced and innovative technology to the design of digital AR71, which has brought quality and value for the video professionals.
Their upgradable features provide diversity, flexibility and affordability. The Hotronic PC-TBC is your economical solution to quality video production.
PC-TBC Features plus Y/C Input/Output 
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Optional 8 Channel chassis AR8