Creating a "Small World" Moment

I was recently given something belonging to someone else. It was found and picked up by one person, who gave it to another, and that person in turn gave it to me. This item has a serial number, and that's what I'm going to give out in the hopes that its rightful owner might find it and I could then return it to them.

The serial number of the item is 5C817KULYX6 .

If you know what this is, can provide detailed information about it, and if you give me the correct first name of the owner, I'll be happy to return it to you. I believe the item was originally found in a library. Contact me here if you'd like to try.

There are two reason for my doing this experiment:

1. First of all, I'm fascinated by the "small world" effect. The small world effect is what happens when a massive amount of geography is transcended by some other factor. An example of this would be as follows: you know someone and talk with them about a given subject. This is "person A", You know someone else and talk with them about another subject. This is "person B". When talking with Person A, they mention Person B. That is what I know as the "small world" effect. It works in reverse as well.

2. Secondly, I've mentioned the concept at least once of a so-called "real life version of Google" that would find things (anything) that you've misplaced. This page will be indexed by Google, and that includes the serial number of the item above. If the person who lost this item has the serial number and ever thinks of punching it into Google or their favorite web search engine, this page should be (almost) the only result that comes up.

This page was created 06/26/2009. I will keep the item for at least five years barring any major factor that precludes my doing so. Even if it's beyond five years from the date above, please contact me!